Facelift Surgery

Facelift is a corrective surgery sagging face due to Changes that come with increasing age. Changes in bone mass, muscles and flexibility on the face, muscles and skin on the forehead, cheeks, jaw, chin and neck will hang down. How to make your face look bright, firm, look younger

Techniques for facelift surgery

Kamol Plastic Surgery Hospital There are many techniques for facelift surgery ดึงหน้า . Some of you may use only one technique. or several techniques together for the best surgical results as follows:

  1. Mini face lift and Mid face lift surgery
  2. Full face lift surgery (cheekbones, cheek grooves, jawline – chin) with incisions in front of the ears and behind the ears, suturing the SMAS muscle layer to be tight (Full facelift).
  3. Face lifting surgery with Synthetic material (Endotine Mid face lift)
  4. Hanging chin lift surgery By sewing the muscles under the chin (Neck lift / Neck Tuck)
  5. Eyebrow lift surgery (Forehead lift)
  6. Surgery to increase satiety (Fat transfer)

face lift surgery method

Facelift surgery must be performed under general anesthesia or anesthetic and then put the patient to sleep (Sedation). The surgery takes 2-4 hours. face lift surgery There are 6 types of faces that make your face look younger and more natural as follows:

  1. Cheekbone lift surgery – Cheek slit (Mini facelift / Midface lift) is an open incision in two locations: under the lower eye and in front of the ear. to pull the cheekbones muscles Opening an incision in front of the ear from the temple above the ear to the front of the ear. Then cut the skin and tissues in front of the ears and cheeks to tighten the tissues Then cut off the excess skin and suture the wound properly. This technique is suitable for those with hanging cheek grooves. not very slender
  2. Full face lift surgery including cheekbones, cheek grooves, jawline – chin by opening an incision in front of the ear to behind the ear. Open up to the muscle layer, then separate the SMAS layer out, pull it tight and cut off the excess. Then suture as tight as possible. Then the subcutaneous tissue layer and the skin must be pulled taut along the SMAS layer and cut off the excess skin in the tissue layer and skin to fit and then sew the wounds closed beautifully. This technique is suitable for people with very sagging faces. to the jaw-chin line
  3. Face lift surgery using synthetic material (Endotine – Mid face lift) to help pull the deep muscle layer of the face. By opening the incision in front of the ear and using Endotine to pull the lower cheek muscles up as needed. Then cut off the excess skin and sew the wound closed. It will help the cheekbones rise and the material will disintegrate within 6 months. Caution: Endotine may cause nerves to be torn.
  4. Neck tightening surgery / Neck lift surgery There are 2 techniques according to the location of the surgical wound opening as follows:

– Open an incision in front of the ear behind the ear (Neck Lift) as shown in Incision line 1 in order to tighten the cheek muscles, jaw-chin and neck by surgically removing the SMAS layer from the neck, jaw-chin and cheek line and pulling them tight. Cut off the excess and sew the SMAS layer taut along the contour.

– A small incision under the chin (Neck Tuck) has been opened as shown in incision line no.2, along with sutures to tighten the muscles under the chin to be close together Make the neck look tighter. cut off excess skin or excess fat from the neck And the chin is out to fit so that the neck and chin are tightened. Not a chin like a turkey

neck lift surgery It is usually done in conjunction with a face lift and then tightens the SMAS layer muscles in order to achieve a good result from the neck lift surgery under the chin.

  1. Eyebrow lift (Brow Lift / Forehead lift) is a part of face lift surgery to make the face look younger. The surgical incision is located 1-2 centimeters behind the hairline, which is a lifting of the eyebrows. Make the face look brighter, eyebrows do not fall. There are 3 types of eyebrow lift surgery as follows:

– Eyebrow lift surgery The advantage is that the wound is small.

– Surgery to pull the incision above the ear about 5-7 cm.

– Pulling a wide wound in case of need Raise your entire forehead. Reduce wrinkles that are a lot on the forehead as well.

  1. Tightening the face with fat injection (Fat graft) by taking your own fat from other parts and injecting it into your face to look fuller and firmer. For those with a wrinkled face and skinny answer, increasing the fat on the face is absolutely necessary.

In some patients there is a need to Want to make your face look younger There may be a need to use a combination of different techniques. in order to change the face to look younger. The face is fuller and more beautiful.

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