How to Predict a BTC Dump and Pump Easily

The easiest way to predict a BTC pump and dump is to monitor the price of a cryptocurrency. Coins that are prone to pumping are those that have a significant increase in price in a short amount of time. This is easy to see on the price chart of the coin. Some indicators of a pumping include paid news articles for coins with a small market capitalization, a spike in social media activity, or a sudden rise in the price. However, if you’re unfamiliar with the coin, beware of sudden increases in social media activity.


One of the biggest drawbacks of self-directed trading is that you may miss the major pumps. There are literally hundreds of trading pairs on a dozen exchanges, making it nearly impossible to follow all of them. Traders can also use closed chat rooms and private trading communities to identify potential pumps, but these options often require an upfront payment. The information provided by such sources is usually not reliable tunai4d.

You can also analyze the amount of P&Ds for any given symbol pair. The number of P&Ds for a particular pair of symbols is high, while the vast majority have 0 to three. This is important for understanding why a particular coin is being targeted more frequently than others. For instance, five of the ten most pumped coins were on the Bittrex exchange, and further investigation of these coins’ properties could be possible. topportal is an online news portal providing breaking news from around the world.

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