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If you are into fighting, you can play boxing มวยสดออนไลน์ games online. These games are brutal and realistic, but they also have some interesting story elements. You can also play the boxing version of Mech League. Boxing is an incredibly popular genre of online game. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the fight and its intense graphics.

Real Boxing 2

Real Boxing 2 is an action-packed fighting game that rewards you for landing combos. However, you should be careful not to over level yourself. You will find yourself flattened if you fail to level up enough. To avoid this, try to avoid getting hit with heavy blows and stay within your striking range.

Real Boxing 2 is a free fighting game that allows you to fight against dangerous opponents. The game also offers a number of different gameplay modes and a customizable fighter. You can also choose different body parts and hairstyles. This game also lets you train in the gym and improve your skills.

Mech League: Boxing

Mech League Boxing is an adrenaline-pumping VR boxing game. The game pits humans against robotic opponents in a futuristic arena. Players don robot suits and punch and dodge their opponents. There are several different weapons available to the fighters, and a variety of different game modes. The game’s futuristic setting and characters give it a fun, unique feel, and it’s a great way to burn calories while having fun.

The Mech League is a PC game. The game is available as a retail box or a CD key, and you can activate the game through the official platforms.

Virtual Boxing League

Virtual Boxing League is a fast-paced game that gets your blood pumping in a self-contained workout. It has a variety of mini-games and challenges that make it easy to create a workout routine that suits your skill level. It scales well with most gamers, thanks to its easy structure and realistic AI opponents. Although there are a few flaws, the game is generally well made and has decent mechanics and physics.

The game allows users to train in a virtual boxing ring, with realistic fights and realistic boxing moves. It has multiple modes and even includes mini games and practice lessons to help players improve their technique. It is compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and the HTC Vive.

Thrill of the fight

Thrill of the Fight is a boxing ดูมวยออนไลน์ simulation game that simulates the real experience of boxing. The game gives you the full ring effect and tracks your opponent’s movements so that you feel like you’re in the real thing. It is easy to get started and rewards players with progressively better performances.

The game is a great way to improve your boxing skills. The intense boxing matches help you improve your speed, agility, and form. Thrill of the Fight will challenge you physically and keep you engaged in the game for a long time.

Drunkn bar Fight

Drunkn Bar Fight is an incredibly silly and fun game that’s perfect for group play. The game is quite simple and the controls are simple but it allows you to move your body by using the control stick, but there are some strange physics in play. Some players might find virtual punches in the face to be quite panicky, and it’s also possible to suffer from motion sickness if you play this game for long enough.

The game also has a multiplayer mode and a variety of environments to fight in. While the game is still in early access, there have been positive reviews for the game. Its simple controls and easy gameplay are well suited to VR, even though it features a single character. One of the main differences between this game and the next is the inclusion of one distinctly Asian patron. The combat is simple and telegraphed, and most of the attacks and moves are based on flailing hand gestures and weak slaps.

Knockout League

Knockout League is a VR boxing game that offers arcade style combat. The game was designed with VR in mind and features a simple and intuitive control scheme. It combines 1:1 punch movement and body movement to make it a great fit for VR. It also features a grudge match mode.

Players will be able to choose from a variety of characters. They will be able to choose from different fighting styles and outfits. Each character is unique, and each of them has their own fighting style. Some of them don’t even look like humans – like the mustachioed octopus Sir Octopunch.


Soundboxing in boxing games is a fun way to exercise with music. You upload music via YouTube and punch colored targets that fly at different heights in time with the music. Soundboxing was an early VR hit and the modding community has since created quality music maps. These music maps are unique because you don’t need to move your feet to play them, but you do need to use your upper body to make your punches, much like in aerobics. It’s also possible to create your own routines, which you can share with other users.


Soundboxing in boxing games is a unique VR kickboxing game that lets you punch to the beat of your favorite music videos. It has a variety of challenges that you can complete, and you can record your own for a custom challenge. Soundboxing is free to play, and the beta version is currently available for public beta testing. It is similar to the current version, but it has a new VR rhythm engine, new content sources, and is made with moddability in mind.

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