What is Traditional Portrait Photography?

If you have never been to a studio, you may be wondering: What is traditional portrait photography? This is a style of photography where portraits are taken of people seated against a plain background. Photographs taken in this style often feature the mother of the child. The portraits are typically framed against a plain white background and often feature the subject seated against a mirror or an overhead window. Traditional portraits were once only reserved for the upper class and affluent families.

Photographers have several different styles and techniques for capturing a portrait. There are several main factors to consider, including location. Portraits don’t necessarily have to feature a single subject; you can also capture family and couple portraits. Many portraits feature multiple poses to allow for multiple opportunities for a perfect shot. Documentary style portraits use props and other elements of the environment to convey a story about the subject.

Traditional portraits are more conventional and often depict a person looking directly at the camera. They are typically shot in a studio with a formal photography background. They are head and shoulders shots, rather than full-body images. Traditional portraits have endured for centuries, largely because they are flattering and often show a person’s personality. The purpose of portrait photography is to express personality and attitude through a photograph.

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